We at Diamond Valley Investigations offer an All Inclusive Re-Marketing Services to ensure our Clientele with the best possible return for your collateral in all conditions.

We offer free secure storage, transportation and resale services saving you thousands yearly. Diamond Valley offers choices, we have networked with  Fusion Auto Auction  of San Diego and coming soon a Los Angeles location plus local Dealerships ready to purchase and/or consign your collateral today who offer FREE to you special services. We guarantee a better result when comparing our personal services with the other auction services currently running your collateral through a dealer only line of wholesalers which drive prices down on your collateral across the board.

Our network staff includes on site mechanics to service your collateral in an aid to the best return possible. Our MMR reports speak for itself. We guarantee the results for your collateral at all levels. No Auction can compete with our proven results. Give us the opportunity to service all your auction needs and you will be 100% satisfied. This is our promise to your office and back it with results weekly.

Diamond Valley Investigations promises the best possible return on your collateral

Free secure storage 

Free damage-free transportation 

Free of all Auction charges 


Free applies to Financial Institutions Only